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Dec 25, 2018

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Welcome to the Thrival Nutrition Podcast with me as your host, Lahana Vigliano, owner of Thrival Nutrition + board certified clinical nutritionist. We’re on episode 145 talking about lessening your stress in the New Year. Stress is a heath issue often overlooked, but it’s JUST as important as eating healthy and exercising. I want you to leave stress behind this year. Well, as much as possible. I understand sometimes life throws us into crazy situations, scenarios, and things we can’t always control, BUT for the most part, stress from our every day hustle and problems are something that we CAN control.

Before we get started, I wanted to thank ya’ll from the bottom of my heart for waiting patiently for our multivitamin to come back in stock. Hopefully, that is the LAST time we will ever be out of stock and we’ll reorder on time. We’re still getting used to this whole supplement gig. But seriously, thank you for bearing with us + it’s NOW available on Amazon again! If you follow me around social media, you probably already know that, but for people that strictly follow me here on the podcast. IT’S HERE! Finally! Just in time for the New Year! Go into the show notes + order yourself a bottle over on Amazon to start your New Year nourished up!

This podcast is also a hint on what’s to come in the New Year with expanding our supplement line! We’re so excited about it + I’ll let you know more when we start the production process of product #2, but it’s going to be a good one to take if you find your stress levels hard to handle.

What does stress do to our body?

Let’s get a little science-y for a second for all my science nerds out there! I know for me that learning more about the body and what it’s doing helps me understand things better + motivate me to make this a priority! Stress comes in many different ways – emotionally, physically, mentally. It all triggers the basic same stress response. It puts our body into fight or flight and you’ll find that we never really get into rest + digest. Legit, our body thinks it’s running from a tiger 90% of the time. Eventually, this totally wears down on the body leaving us susceptible for health issues.

Why would our body focus on reproducing if it’s in fight or flight? How can the body fight off an illness if it’s run down? Why would it focus on digesting foods if you’re about to run?

You might be feeling extra adrenaline – which increases your heart rate, increases blood sugar due to the body getting ready to have you have access to fuel to “run” if needed, and stimulates that blood flow to areas like your muscles. These are all AMAZING effects for when you really need to “run” and legit fight or flight, BUT most of the time,  our day to day stress doesn’t need extra blood sugar/fuel or our heart rate to increase.

The second hormone that is increased during stressful periods of time is cortisol. Cortisol does the same thing that adrenaline does with increasing blood sugar. Taking glycogen (which is stored blood sugar) from our muscles and turning that into readily available sugar/fuel to again…”run”. 

When we’re chronically stressed, these levels are high ALL THE TIME. This increases cardiovascular disease, cancer, common colds and flus, adrenal issues, hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders, diabetes, you name it! Stress is the ultimate factor that can make or break your body.

Gut + Stress

I want to dive into the the gut + stress connection really quick because if you’re not new around here, you guys know I’m CONSTANTLY talking about gut health. It’s the foundation to every other organ and system in the body because this is one of the first place where we interact with the outside environment. If our gut doesn’t work, we aren’t able to break down the foods and nutrients we need and aren’t able to absorb them leaving a devastating domino effect with everything else.

When we are in high stress, this slows down the digestive system in the motility, how it digests, the “gates” in the gut barrier being opened leading to permeability, and how our microbiome is. High stress leads to our immune system (which is mostly in our gut) to be downregulated, which helps bad bacteria and yeast to thrive and overgrow leading to dysbiosis. Dysbiosis and gut health is ALSO linked to anxiety and depression, so if you’re struggling with those that can lead you down a rabbit hole rather quickly.

Stress + Thyroid

Another delicate balance that needs to be considered is your adrenals (which produces the cortisol) and your thyroid. I see thyroid issues popping all over the place and women suffering from them, which is TERRIBLE. When we’re in this fight or flight, high cortisol producing mode, our body tells our thyroid – “Hey! Slow your roll for a second!” This is why whenever you hear someone tell you that stress is the reason for your weight gain or stubborn weight loss – your thyroid is a major player in your metabolism. Remember, your body shifts to a state where it’s saving all the energy it needs in order to “run” – it’s not going to sit there and say “this is the perfect time to shed pounds!”.

High stress also triggers hypothalamus + pituitary dysfunction, which these two parts of your brain are the key communicators to your thyroid to produce thyroid hormone. Stress also blocks the conversion between T4 (inactive thyroid hormone that the thyroid makes) to T3 (active thyroid hormone). This causes hypothyroid symptoms!

See, how stress plays a role in our metabolism, thyroid, and weight?

Stress + Blood Sugar

I want to hit this point again because I think this is something SO important that isn’t talked about with diabetes + insulin resistance. So, we now know that stress releases stored glycogen to increase our blood sugar. This ALSO increases the pancreas to release more insulin. If you’re chronically stressed, you’re constantly going to have higher blood sugars + higher insulin levels. Higher insulin levels increase your overall body inflammation too! Our cells can slowly become insulin resistant leading to a more chronic issue called diabetes.

When many people are stressed, they also turn to not the healthiest foods. This can further compound the issue because we’re turning towards more carb heavy + sweetened foods versus the vegetable + proteins.

Now that we understand some really important factors about how stress can affect our health, let’s dive into what we can do.

Stress Relief Recommendations

There are obvious stress relief recommendations that I won’t really go over, but are just as important, like removing yourself from situations or people that cause you stress. Some relationships are just not worth it to have those negative health effects. 

  • Adaptogens. This is one of my favorite ways to keep cortisol levels + my stress levels good – create your body to be come adaptable to stress. My favorite herbs are ashwaganda, rhodiola, holy basil, gingseng, reishi, chaga, maca root, and astragalus. These herbs help our body adapts to stress + reduce the negative side effects that come from stress. I’m going to give ya’ll a big HINT HINT right here about product #2 coming into the Thrival Nutrition Supplement line!!! Keep an eye out because we’re formulating our own blend of adaptogens, so we can help you keep your stress levels ROCKING (in a good way!)!
  • Meditation. Hands down one of the most popular recommendations to help with mental health and stress is meditation. Even if it’s a couple minutes a day morning or evening and working up your something longer – any little bit helps. Even a mid-day break after you eat lunch. A lot of people (myself included) use the excuse “I don’t have time”, honestly you don’t have time NOT to do it. In the Journal of Clinical Psychology, it showed that meditation could help people who struggle with anxiety + stress. It’s not going to be the end all be all solution, but for something free, easy, and you can do it whenever – why NOT do it?! If you’re a new beginner to meditation, start with using an app like Headspace or Insight Timer to use guided meditations.
  • Bible Study. While I have people that follow me from all different religions, reconnecting with your roots + God can help you think about the much bigger picture in the world and it makes things that you might be stressing about seem so small. It’s a great perspective shift + personally, knowing that I only have so much control + there is a higher power out there guiding me and people I love to what we’re called to do keeps me at peace. Doing this consistently has been a GAME CHANGER for how I view and handle stress.
  • Do Something Fun. Yes, I’m giving your permission to get out of your daily to-do list + stressors and get out in the world and do something you LOVE! How simple this sounds, but as humans we were never meant to just work, work, stress, and run around doing errands. We are meant to enjoy the time we have here on this Earth + connect with our loved ones. This can be just hanging out and talking at home or going out and doing an activity – hiking, boating, exercising, going out to eat, playing games (ya’ll we’re really just big kids!), you name it.
  • Nature. In our society, we’re SO bombarded with electronics (and yes I’m guilty here!) and being indoors. I think we forget that our roots is that we’re meant to be out THERE. In the fresh air. In nature. In the water. With the trees. Ya’ll I know that sounds a little hippy, but it’s who we are. There was actually a study that was done by the Environmental Health and Preventative Medicine Journal that showed how “forest bathing” lowered cortisol in the participants of the study!
  • Exercise. One of the stressors that you could be having is simply overexercising. Cut back if you’re overexercising and also be aware of when you are stressed, dial it back on exercise because you’re body doesn’t need that extra stressor during certain periods of intense stress! Aim to get your stress down first + resume to working out.
  • Journaling. Oh man, I refused to do this for the longest time because I swore it wouldn’t have helped my stress, but it totally did! It was like venting to a friend and getting things off my mind and my heart and I felt so much better and less anxious after I journaled my thoughts and feelings. Plus, it’s a great way to organize what you’re thinking. When I’m organized, I’m just a less stressed person in general. I also love journaling things that I’m grateful for. Creating that gratitude list makes you focus on more of the positive things going on versus the things that aren’t going right that you’re fixating on.
  • Take A Break From Caffeine. Since levels of cortisol are higher during stress, you don’t want to drink something that can make this problem worse. Take a break from caffeine, which is a natural stimulant to our body.

If you need help with getting this wheel turning and functioning, I would love to help you and talk with you about figuring out what will work for you, so you don’t have to go into the New Year being stressed out. Use the show notes to book a free call with me to go over how I can help you!

Dec 18, 2018

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Welcome to the Thrival Nutrition Podcast with me as your host, Lahana Vigliano, owner of Thrival Nutrition and board certified clinical nutritionist! We’re on episode 144 today talking about herbals teas that you should have for the winter! I’ve been on such an herbal tea kick this month. The comfort of a hot cup of herbs before bed can really comfort your soul and your body! 


Don’t forget to book your free 15 minute phone call with me to see how I can help you start your New Years off right and healthy, so 2019 is the start of you living your best life! I know that sounds super cheesy, but I do love helping people really understand their body and live a balanced life all around with nutrition, exercise, their sleep, stress…I’m telling ya’ll that you need all your wheels turning and functioning to have that ultimate health balance.

Okay, so let’s talk teas! I want to start off with one of my favorite teas for relaxation and destressing because let’s the real, this time of the year can be STRESSFUL – holidays, winter illnesses that can keep a mama tired and stressed out taking care of the kiddos, traveling, you name it!


Chamomile tea should be in your cupboard at ALL times. Chamomile is known for it’s sleep inducing properties, but also since it’s a calming herb it can also quell inflammation that you may have going on with winter illnesses, like in the respiratory tract or the stomach. With its relaxation properties, chamomile is also recommended for anxiety. If you’re feeling real anxious with all the holiday parties and responsibilities coming up, this is the perfect tea to calm you down! Chamomile has been studied to inhibit tumor growth and take cancer cells through apoptosis (which is cell death). This herb can truly relax and keep you healthy throughout the winter.


Peppermint tea is another favorite for the winter. I’m sure you’re used to peppermint everything by now! Pumpkin spice is last season (literally) and peppermint is the new cool flavor – every winter! Outside of it’s holiday flare, peppermint tea is SUPER amazing for the digestive system. Peppermint helps diminish stomach cramps and nausea if you find yourself dealing with a stomach virus this winter. It also helps with other GI symptoms like gas, heartburn, and indigestion. This is actually a PERFECT tea to drink after your meals to help aid in digestion.

I’m sure you’ve heard of me talking about peppermint essential oils for headaches, but peppermint tea can also help if you’re struggling with headaches and migraines. Make a cup, inhale allll the smell, and drink. I do still recommend peppermint essential oils on the temple too! Those common colds during the winter are pesky and can really bring our respiratory system into chaos. Peppermint tea can help fight the inflammation, as well as open up those airways. To make a festive drink for the holidays, brew peppermint tea and then blend it with some almond milk and sweeten it with a little maple syrup and tada! A real peppermint latte for you (caffeine free!)

Yogi Tulsi Spiced Berry Immune Support

I’m DIGGING the Yogi Tulsi Spiced Berry Immune Support tea in my cupboard this winter! Preschool hasn’t been that kind to us like all the other years + we’ve got our share of stomach bugs + colds. Trust me when I say, the kids usually don’t pick up the viruses that go around – this year it’s been more than usual! Throughout the bugs that they’ve had, I’ve been sipping on some of this Yogi tea and it’s nipped these viruses in the butt when I feel something coming on. I’ve been drinking a cup before bed + results have been pretty amazing!

The flavors in it reminds me of winter, like clove, nutmeg, elderberry, licorice, ginger, etc. We see a lot of these spices during baking + now I have them in tea form and LOVING THEM! I highly recommend getting this tea to help your immune system going this winter!

Marshmallow Root 

No, it doesn’t taste like marshmallows, but marshmallow root tea is next up! I love this tea for the mucilaginous properties, which means it’s very soothing to the GI tract. It’s actually a tea that is a part of my gut protocol for healing leaky gut. I also love marshmallow root tea for those occasional sore throats that you might come across in the cold weather. You can think of it doing the same thing it’ll do in the GI system, it will help coat the throat! If you’ve heard of Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat, you’ll see that marshmallow root is in that blend!

It honestly doesn’t taste like much – sorry to burst your bubble if you were excited about a tea that might taste like marshmallows, but I love it + I find it’s easier to get the kids to drink because the taste isn’t strong!

Dandelion Root

Ya’ll definitely have heard me talk about dandelion root tea before because of its supporting the liver properties! After alcoholic drinks (maybe one too many) with all the holiday parties that you are going to, loving your liver extra hard this winter is vital! Don’t abuse your major detox organ! I buy the roasted dandelion root to make some dandelion lattes, which are on the blog, for some caffeine free drinks in the morning.

This is seriously one of my favorite teas and I refuse to run out of it because I love it SO much!

Don’t forget that with any of these teas that you brew – you are more than welcome to turn it into latte form, add some vanilla extract, or extra cinnamon spice to make fun twists on these teas. I see alot of holiday blend teas throughout coffee and tea shops and the grocery store, but I just want ya’ll to still be label readers and make sure that your tea is made with organic herbs when possible and doesn’t any extra artificial sweeteners or flavors. I buy organic because teas can easily be a place where you might not think of pesticides leaching into your drink from the herb itself and the bag that the tea is in. 

Loose leaf herbs will be your safest bet with a ceramic tea cup with infuser. I also use an electric tea kettle to help heat up the water to avoid using the microwave.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at

Dec 11, 2018

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Welcome to the Thrival Nutrition Podcast with me as your host, Lahana Vigliano – the owner of Thrival Nutrition and a board certified clinical nutritionist! We’re on episode 143 talking about eating healthy on a budget! This is a very popular topic that I got to talk about requested by YOU, tribe! Thankful for all your suggestions all the time + know that whatever you recommend – I’ll put into queue, so I can serve you!

Before we start, I wanted to make sure that I mentioned that we have gift cards now available for stocking stuffers! You can purchase them in any increments of $25. They are actually a legit physical card that after you purchase one – I mail it to you, so you can put it in a Christmas Card, Birthday Card, etc. you name it and gift someone the gift of health. They can use this towards any appointment or package with me that they want to. Email me over at or go to our contact page and send us a message there! 

I’ve actually talked about this I think when I first started podcasting and even did made a little freebie on it that I gave away via your email. One thing that I will start with before going into our budget-saving tips is to be REALISTIC about the amount of food your family consumes (including restaurants!) and putting buying healthy food as a top priority. This is something that my husband struggles with sometimes to this day, because he sees food coming in and then coming out in a stool. His thinking is “why are we paying so much again?” It’s a constant reminder to tell him WHY we put more of our budget towards quality food. Pay now or pay later. So, I want to let you know I UNDERSTAND, we’ve been there with a small budget and worked our way up to where we are now.

We were that typical standard American eating family buying mostly processed foods and toiletries and skidding by on $100-150 per week. Granted, it was only three of us back then and Isaiah was a BABY, so really it was only Doug + I eating. Now, we buy all organic, grass-fed pasture raised foods that are wholesome and even some of the healthy packaged foods. Our budget is about $1200 a month to be completely transparent. (Trust me when I tell you that we HAD many many fights about the food budget, as I became more aware of how bad we were eating during my degree program). We’re a family of four and we all are HUGE eaters (even my almost five year old).

Now if you’ve made healthy eating a top priority + you’ve sacrificed in other areas to bring more money into the food budget if you need to + you still need to cut costs somewhere – let’s begin!

Buy Bulk!

This is the MOST common budget saving tips you’ll find online, because bulk is best. Let’s be real! Granted you may be short on space if you live in an apartment, so you might have to get creative with where you’ll put things, but bulk is definitely where you’ll save the most money! This can mean shopping at Costco or it could mean just shopping at your local grocery store in the bulk section – which is the aisle with all the bins. You can find grains, legumes, dried fruit, etc.

This also is the same mindset for buying meat in bulk. If you can connect with a local farmer who raises grass-fed beef, this can save you money per lb because a grass-fed steak at Whole Foods is like $20 a lb. You can get it at a local farmer for half the cost. Buying ground beef is usually cheaper too than buying steaks if you really need to cut cost. And buying chicken thighs or even a whole chicken is a better and cheaper option/bang for your buck than chicken breasts. 

I buy my grass-fed whey in bulk and it’s about $60 for a 5 lb container. BUT, you guys, that is only .78 cents per serving. This is a great way to add good quality protein to a plant-based lunch (like a salad) versus a chicken breast.

Organic or No?

This leads me into answering the question “organic or no?” or “grass-Fed or no?” I recommend to only buy organic animal products that are grass-fed or wild caught. Since animal products can easily become tainted and conventional animal products can be more inflammatory than organic ones, I find this area is really hard for me to recommend that this is an area you can cut corners. So again, finding a local farmer or staying up to date with deals at your local store or shopping at places like Trader Joe’s, Aldi, and Costco. These are the places that I’ve found good quality at a good price!

With produce on a budget, you can easily follow the dirty dozen list at 

Buying Frozen And/Or In Season

I HIGHLY recommend buying in season produce. When you try to buy out of season, like berries in the winter, you’re most likely going to be paying double and the taste stinks and the nutrition actually isn’t as high as it is when a fruit is in season! If you do want to buy a fruit or vegetable out of season, check out the frozen section! 

You can find berries year around in the frozen section, for example and pay half the price. Frozen produce is *usually* inexpensive. 

You can also even plan for your meals to be based on local sales. If you know ahead of time the sales that your store is going to have with produce and meats, you can work around those savings!

Only Buy Necessary Items

What I mean by this is buying produce, quality meats, grains, legumes, your basics. What that doesn’t mean is the “organic” processed foods – crackers, chips, etc. You’ll never hear me recommend buying regular processed food regardless – budget or not. But the organic packaged foods is where you’ll spend the most money with the least amount of nutrition in return. So, does that mean that you’ll have to be a little cooking more? Most likely – because for example, you won’t have ready made granola bars to snack on, you’d have to make them if you really like them.

I do want to say – there is always a sacrifice on some end. You’ll either pay for the convenience of having something ready (that’s the whole restaurant industry right?!)or you’ll “pay” in your time. I do find that when you only buy the NECESSARY items – like the produce, meats, grains, etc. you’ll be eating a more nutrient dense diet that will save your health + money in the long run.

Incorporate Plant Based Meals

Don’t get me wrong – I think meat has 100000% has a place in our diet as humans. I actually don’t recommend a vegan diet, but if you’re on a strict budget, make sure you make some meals without meat because meat will probably be the most expensive part of your bill. If you do okay with rice with soaked legumes or quinoa, use that to create veggie bowls! I personally still recommend for the majority of people to avoid wheat because of inflammation and what it triggers in the gut. 

Eggs aren’t plant-based, but they are a wholesome non-meat protein source that you can whip up easily and add to dishes – think hard boiled on top of salads, frittatas for brinner, etc. If you can find a local farmer, you can usually find good quality eggs for an amazing price! I remember I used to get mine for $4 a dozen! If you have to buy the cheapest eggs to afford them, do it. It’s better than Cheetos or hamburger helper.


I definitely wanted to cover some of those shopping tips because that’s where you’ll be saving the most money! Some other tips I have for you are to meal plan – this is ESSENTIAL in making sure that you aren’t running out to grab a bite to eat because you have no idea what you were making for dinner and you don’t have anything thawed. FUTURE THINKING YA’LL! Don’t ever shop hungry. You will 10000% be buying foods that you really don’t need, but sound good. Personal experience here. 

I know you might already be used to this if you shop at Aldi or Trader Joe’s, but buying a generic label will also save some dollars in your wallet! Like with any other product, a “name brand” will usually always cost more and that doesn’t mean that it tastes better either. And the worst thing you can do is waste food – so make sure you are only buying enough for what you can eat in a week. Since you’ll be eating more wholesome real foods, you’ll have to shop a little* bit more frequently to make sure you’re sticking with fresh produce! Wasted food = wasted money.

I hope I gave you some useful tips on how to save some money in grocery shopping and your budget. BUT, I seriously want to encourage you to re-look at your budget if you haven’t in a while and see if there is any way you can sacrifice in other areas to get good quality food in that body. Your health is EVERYTHING – we truly don’t understand the importance of it until we lose it and it’s too late. OR we end up spending that money we’re trying to save on doctor bills because we’re sick all the time. You might be really surprised how that coffee here and there or those meals out to eat could put some extra dough in bringing home the good stuff for you and your family.

I’m glad I could touch on this topic again before the new year! I’ll catch you guys next week! 

Dec 4, 2018

On this week’s podcast, we’re talking SEX! Are you looking to improve your sex life with your partner? This is what we’re diving into….

  • Benefits of an active sexual relationship
  • Top reasons your sex life may be going downhill
  • Men vs Women
  • Lifestyle tips improving your sex life
  • Sex Toys
  • Porn

About Jessa

Jessa Zimmerman is a certified sex therapist and couples’ counselor. She specializes in helping couples who have a good relationship but who are avoiding sex because it’s become stressful, negative, disappointing, or pressured. She educates, coaches, and supports people as they go through her 9-phase experiential process that allows them real world practice in changing their relationship and their sex life.She is the author of Sex Without Stress, the host of the Better Sex Podcast, and is a regularly featured expert in the media, including Refinery29, Business Insider, Mind Body Green, and

Connect with Jessa over on her website + her podcast!

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Nov 27, 2018


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Welcome to the Thrival Nutrition Podcast with me as your host, Lahana Vigliano, the owner of Thrival Nutrition and a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist. We’re on episode 141 talking about birth control and lessening the negative effects of it, if you decide to stay on birth control.

First before getting into things you can do to help lessen the effect of birth control, I want you to question about why you are on birth control. As a nutritionist and someone who is more “crunchy” and natural, I believe that there are better natural ways of birth control that won’t harm your hormones and your health. Because let’s be real, no matter what you do to lessen the negative effects of birth control – it’s still a synthetic hormone in your body and will naturally increase your risk of cancers, strokes, and other health issues. I will always advocate for something more natural when you aren’t facing death. 

You might be on birth control because you want to stop a pregnancy from happening. While I won’t go into detail about natural birth control methods in this episode, I just want you to feel empowered that THERE ARE EFFECTIVE natural birth control options out there and which one works for you might be different for someone else. I will highly encourage you to look and research into those, but if you find that the pill is something you want to choose, we’ll get to what you can do in this episode to lessen the effects of the pill.

If you’re on birth control because your doctor put you on it because you had rough periods/PMS or to “balance your hormones”, I want to encourage you that birth control is not the answer. Taking birth control for this reason is simply masking the symptoms of an underlying hormone problem. You are delying the inevitable when you get off your birth control. Symptoms will come right back and the problem will still be there. I want to encourage you that you don’t have to suffer from a painful period or PMS or have this imbalance the rest of your life. I’ve personally seen painful PMS be gone with clients who focus in on diet, stress, exercise, sleep, and living a healthy lifestyle. Granted, it’s not as easy as it sounds. It takes a personalized approach for what is going on with you to be effective in balancing and supporting your body. (Which is why I am here!) Shameless plug, but if that is you, I would love to work with you to support your body with food and herbs to get your body back in balance. Book your free 15 minute phone call to see how I can help you. I’m here to be completely real and raw with you.

Okay, so getting that out of the way. Let’s talk about lessening the negative effects of birth control if you do find that this is the route you want to take. 


Birth control is a total robber of your folate, magnesium, other B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, and zinc! This lowers your immune system, your energy, and honestly, almost every other thing in your body. These are NUTRIENTS that are needed for our body to function in every way.

The best way to try to avoid major nutrient depletions are to have a nutrient-dense diet (of course, this will be my answer for everything!), which means to have half to three quarters of your plate filled with veggies! Also, taking a good quality multivitamin on top of that. Another shameless plug will be that I recommend our Thrival Nutrition Daily Multivitamin on Amazon! (This will be back in stock at the end of November/early December – I wish I had more control over the process, but with the holidays it can set some things back!) Total bioavailable nutrients and at levels that can help decrease nutrient depletion that birth control will rob.

Increase Antioxidants

Because some of those nutrients I mentioned are depleted, like Vitamin C + E (which are antioxidants too!), you can betcha that other antioxidants in your body are decreasing as well! Antioxidants are our body’s bodyguards from free radicals. Free radicals job is so seek and destroy cells + DNA – increasing our risk for cancers and other chronic diseases. 

Supplementing with extra antioxidants can help reduce the risk of negative effects that come from the birth control pill. Here I go again saying – STARTING WITH A NUTRIENT DENSE diet first! If you need help with this and need a little more hand holding than me telling you, girl I understand! Book your free phone call! 

Some antioxidant supplements that I love are:

Love Your Liver

Our liver takes a hit from all the “pollution” in the world – from diet, environment, medications, you name it. This is why I recommend to do what you can to help love and support your liver because let’s be real….there are things that we don’t have control over and we need to be functioning optimally for when we come into contact with those things. The liver is our biggest detoxification organ.

Hormones are detoxed through the liver and into the GI tract (which we will talk about next!). If your liver is feeling pretty burdened, guess what? Your hormones are just building up further creating a hormone storm when they are trying to be detoxed and eliminated from the body. I wrote a whole blog post on supporting the liver over on another post. And I also talked about it with Nicole Fennell, RD from Chews Food Wisely on the podcast! 

A couple of tidbits from those are to eat tons of cruciferous vegetables. I’m talking eat 1-2 servings PER meal. Incorporate them into your diet – breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Yes, you can/should have veggies in the morning – think smoothie if you can’t handle the thought of it in your eggs or breakfast. Cruciferous vegetables are broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, kale, cabbage, bok choy, collards, and other green leafy vegetables.

Some supplements that I love to further help support your liver are..

And don’t forget to eat those high quality proteins – like grass-fed beef, pasture raised chicken, wild caught fish for those amino acids and healthy fats. Add some avocados and coconut oil in there while you’re at it!

Love Your Gut

Birth control, unfortunately, destroys your microbiome. The hormones in birth control can contribute to opening up your intestinal lining and cause inflammation all up in your gut! Dr. Khalili did a study on the connection between birth control and colitis + Crohn’s. It can really throw a wrench in your balanced gut bacteria. Remember, we want balance. We’ll always have bad bacteria and good bacteria, but we can’t allow the bad bacteria to outweigh the good bacteria.

You guys know that I’m constantly talking about gut health and how it relates to practically EVERYTHING. Some ways that you can love your gut is eating a nutrient dense diet (again I’m a repeating myself, but I will until I die!), drinking/eating bone broth, eating fermented foods, and taking some gut-loving supplements:

I actually offer my gut protocol that I use for my clients on my website – this is without any additional support – just the protocol in case you are looking to support your gut on a more therapeutic level. You can get it over on my website!

Nov 21, 2018

Are you wanting to be an educated consumer about the products that are on the market? Are you always looking for safe places to go to find amazing good quality products? Mark Ritz, founder of Ritzfit, has an online store to help consumers with finding new companies with quality not being sacrificed. What we cover in this episode...

Email me for a discount code when we are restocked on our multivitamin -

Book your FREE 15 minute phone call to see how we can help you with your health in the New Year + use up last minute HSA funds to improve your health!

About Mark Ritz

Mark Ritz is the natural product nerd behind Ritzfit. Places like Thrive Market and Whole Foods have great products, but he still continues to find junk. In 2016, Mark combined my passion for nutrition and food products with over a decade of experience at Costco to create a new kind of membership site; one where we don't have to spend hours researching ingredients! Connect with Mark over on his Facebook GroupInstagram, and The No Diet Podcast!

Check out Ritzfit!

Connect with Lahana on FacebookInstagram, and her blog!

Nov 13, 2018

Book your free appointment with me today!

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Something that is trending right now is celery juice! Have you seen it on social media or read about it in a book? In a simple answer, yes, celery juice is awesome and if you can add it to your regimen, add it in! But, a lot of people (myself included) likes to know if there is science that supports the theory and if it’s actually studied to be helpful with certain diseases/disorders. I’m here to help break it down for you.

Celery Juice Nutrition

Juicing in general can be so helpful for the body – to flood it with nutrition and not let the fiber slow it down. It’s also important to have juices that are mainly vegetables with a hint of fruit. Juice made just of fruit can be pretty taxing on your liver from the fructose content, so make sure juices are tons of vegetables with some fruit. Celery is a great vegetable to juice with because you can get lots of juice from a stalk compared to trying to juice leafy greens (good luck with that!). Celery is loaded with….

  • Vitamin K
  • Potassium
  • Sodium 
  • Manganese
  • Magnesium
  • Folate
  • Vitamin A 
  • Vitamin C 
  • Fiber (This our gut bacteria’s food, so this can support the foundation of your health! Obviously as you juice, fiber gets taken out. If you do decide to do celery juice, don’t forget to still eat celery too!)

Celery has been known as a “cooling” vegetable, which is helpful for the liver, kidney, stomach, and bladder. It contains coumarin, which is a phytochemical that helps with reducing headaches/migraines, cancer prevention, and improving the cardiovascular system (especially with blood pressure by relaxing the walls!).

Celery also holds 3-n-butyl phthalide, which has been studied to help lower blood pressure by researchers at the University of Chicago Medical Center. It was the amount of 4 celery ribs.

Celery also holds more phytochemicals, such as flavonoids, which are very protective to our body to combat oxidative stress. Oxidative stress leads to cellular and DNA damage increasing your risk of many chronic diseases. In the Journal of Human + Experiemental Toxicology, rats saw on a decrease in their antioxidants, such as glutathione and superoxide dismutase, when treated with an insecticide. Rats that had flavonoid extracts from celery minimized the harmful effects of the insecticide and reduced the loss of our body’s natural antioxidants!

Apigenin,(ah-pee-gen-in) another phytochemical, in celery has been studied to help reduce the risk of gastric cancer and inflammation in the stomach. Celery also contains luteolin (lute-tee-o-lin)

Since luteolin and quercetin were able to target CSC (cancer stem cells) and prevent cancer cell invasiveness, may serve as potential anti-angiogenesis (preventing new blood vessel growth) and anti-metastasis(preventing cancer from spreading) agents.


There aren’t many human studies on what celery and celery can do for your health. Most of the studies are done with rats, but that’s only because there isn’t a lot of funding to look deeper into celery. Celery is loaded with nutrition and water to help hydrate you, which a lot of us are dehydrated and not drinking enough water.

Is it a cure-all? I can’t say scientifically because there isn’t really anything behind it to claim that. But from common sense and as a nutritionist, celery can definitely serve your body with the phytochemicals and nutrients that your body deserves (and wants!) to have! I can honestly say the same about carrot juice or turmeric juice or ginger juice. All of these plants have a purpose and can load up our body with nutrients that will better your health regardless.

If you are struggling with something health wise, I do think it’s wise to be working with a functional medicine doctor and a nutritionist to help provide a whole body approach for you. While people continue to look for a magic bullet, we need to address our diet, environment, stress, and exercise in our life as well for complete healing! 

You can drink all the celery juice you want, but if your stress levels are through the roof, you won’t reach optimal health! We still need to focus in on a whole body approach.


Make sure to book your free 15 minute appointment to see how we can help you to get you feeling better with food as medicine. (Yes, we can incorporate celery juice if you want! )

How To Buy Celery

Celery is a food that I always opt to buy organic. Conventionally grown celery can be full of pesticides, along with ethylene gas (which helps reduce the bitter flavor). Celery used to be a very bitter vegetable, but as time went on, it became more sweet, but with that comes less nutrition compared to our ancestral celery. It’s still nutritious though, don’t get me wrong!

Nov 6, 2018

I HIGHLY encourage all women to listen to this podcast, not just women in menopause. We're so excited to sit down with Dr. Patrick Flynn to talk about menopause and women's health! Here are some topics we're chatting about this week...

About Dr. Patrick Flynn

Dr. Patrick Flynn D.C., is the founder of The Wellness Way, as well as an international speaker and author, but still maintains that he is a “simple, country boy who loves what he does.” Dr. Flynn grew up in Crivitz, a small town in northern Wisconsin. He was inspired early in life to understand the human body when teachers labeled him as “troubled and hyper” (reflecting a modern day ADHD diagnosis). Rather than turning to medication, he turned to education, and as a thirteen-year-old boy he read numerous books his local library had to offer. Shortly after meeting his now wife, Christy, she informed him that she was unable to have children and his direction became clear: understanding hormones and the subject of fertility. Dr. Flynn continued his studies with greater passion and built his practice around achieving the best clinical outcomes for patients by testing for and addressing the reasons for dysfunction, rather than focusing on symptoms. As such, he has been able to successfully guide patients with a wide variety of clinical diagnoses to restored function. Now he and his wife have four beautiful daughters.

Connect with Dr. Patrick Flynn over on FacebookInstagram, YouTube, and the Wellness Way Instagram!

Connect with Lahana from Thrival Nutrition on FacebookInstagram, and her website!

Oct 30, 2018

I know this is SUCH a hot topic within the health sphere, but NEEDS to be talked about. Why is it such a topic that becomes a heated debate? Hillary and I come to you to encourage you to research for your family. NOTHING in the medical field has ever been a "one size fits all", vaccines included.

What we're talking about in this episode....

About Hillary Simpson

Hillary Simpson is the founder of Crazymothers. She started this non-profit when she had her personal experience with her son. She wants to raise awareness about vaccine injury and encourages families to do research to find out what's right for their family.

Connect with Hillary over at Facebook and Instagram

Connect with Lahana over at FacebookInstagram, and her website!

Book a free 15 minute phone call with Lahana to use a food-as-medicine approach with your health! Thrival specializes in hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, weight loss, chronic fatigue, and just wanting to feed your families your healthier!

Oct 23, 2018

If you haven't seen people talk about intermittent fasting all over social media, where have you been?! I'm sitting down with Cynthia Thurlow from CHT Wellness to go over this hot topic. We're diving into a great conversation about....

Everything you need to know about IF is in this podcast to see if this is something you should do. This is NOT for everyone.

About Cynthia Thurlow

Cynthia Thurlow is the owner of CHT Wellness and her amazing signature program - Wholistic Blueprint. She is a nurse practitioner and functional nutritionist. She has a passion to help women find wellness with nutrition and finding the root cause of their health problems from the inside out.

Connect with Cynthia over on FacebookInstagram, and her website!

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Oct 16, 2018

Hair loss can really get you freakin' out - who wants to lose their hair? We're diving into health reasons that could be behind hair loss + how you can start digging to find the answer.

If you are ready to book your free 15 minute appointment with me to see how I can help you, book HERE!

Additional Links:

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Oct 9, 2018

During our episode with Devon this week, we sit down and talk all things toddlerhood and behavior! I love how Devon puts that this is a brand new season where your child may be testing you the most. How can we not lose our *ish during this season? Devon give us great tips...

  • Why toddler years are so challenging
  • Why toddlerhood isn't "terrible"
  • How we can use perspective shifts to really use gentle parenting
  • The needs toddlers NEED
  • What your toddler's behavior really means

Curious about the conference Devon is hosting? Check it out HERE! 

Want to get your hands on one of the best multivitamins on the market? Get ours before they run out over on Amazon

About Devon Kuntzmen

Devon Kuntzman, B.A. child development, RYT, is a toddler parenting coach on a mission to transform the myth that toddlerhood is terrible. Devon teaches parents it’s possible to embrace this sensitive developmental period and uncover the magic of toddlerhood while overcoming everyday challenges and keeping their sanity. As a coach, Devon empowers parents to transform their frustration, fear and self-doubt into confidence in their parenting. Over the last 15 years, Devon has dedicated her life to working with hundreds of parents and children across three continents as a coach, former nanny for high-profile families and director of an orphanage in Rwanda.

Devon is a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach, a graduate of the Wonder Weeks Academy Infant Mental Health and Development Program, a registered yoga teacher and the Founder of the Transforming Toddlerhood. Devon is passionate about toddlers, green juice, reading, traveling and holistic living. When she isn’t working with parents and toddlers, Devon can be found on her yoga mat, riding her bicycle or drinking a kombucha (not all at the same time).

Connect with her over on Instagram + Facebook!

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Oct 2, 2018

Do you or someone you know struggle with depression? This is a must-listen-to episode as we sit down with Dr. Paul Saladino. We're talking all about how functional medicine ties into depression. THIS is how we should be treating depression, instead of throwing pharmaceuticals and off you go.

We need to dig DEEPER - while pharmaceuticals can be a great way to help short-term, it's NOT a long term solution. Here is what Dr. Paul and I are covering in this episode...

About Dr. Paul Saladino

Dr. Saladino trained at the University of Arizona with a focus on Integrative Medicine, obtaining his M.D. in 2015. He is a certified Functional Medicine practitioner (IFMCP) through the Institute for Functional Medicine and currently in his final year of residency in Psychiatry at the University of Washington. His interests include connections between the microbiome and mental illness as well as nutritional biochemistry. In his practice he is passionate about understanding and correcting the roots of disease.

Connect with Dr. Paul Saladino over on Instagram and his website!

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Ready to use food-as-medicine? We see clients virtually all over the U.S. and local to Austin, TX. Book your free 15 minute appointment to check out our services!

Sep 27, 2018

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We're bringing back some more hormone talk! The big T: Testosterone! I know many people, men and women, who question their testosterone levels because they feel they may have too much or too little. Testosterone is a big important sex hormone in both genders and holds health benefits of..

Before I go into natural ways you can help encourage an increase in your testosterone, I do want to say that I HIGHLY recommend you get your hormones checked and verify your levels. Of course I recommend working with a nutritionist to get your food-as-medicine + everyday lifestyle figured out, but you need to have a good functional medicine doctor by your side, especially if you ever need bio-identical hormones. 

Onto, what you CAN do in your lifestyle to encourage healthy testosterone production. 

Sep 18, 2018

Girl, do you know about seed cycling for hormone balance? Tune into today's episode where I share with you HOW and WHY you should seed cycle.

Want something to read on this topic? Read our blog on seed cycling!

Book a free 15 minute appointment with me to figure out how you can start living your best life!

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Sep 11, 2018

Parasites are all the rage right now! People are trying out different supplements, enemas, and doing various different things to figure out if they have one! We sit down with Emily Morrow, future Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, as she talks us through her experience from getting diagnosed with one, her protocol, and how she feels now that she doesn't have it anymore! What we cover in today's episode...

P.S. Here is that Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Bites recipe!

About Emily Morrow

Emily is a nutritionist in Dallas, Texas and the blogger behind In her practice, she helps people find the root cause of why they might not feel, look or perform their best, and creates healthy gluten free, whole food based recipes and meal plans.

Connect with Emily on her website + Instagram!

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Sep 4, 2018

Do you struggle with having a people pleasing personality? I know I do! I am so excited to talk with Anu about this from a therapist perspective and these are the things we're covering about people pleasing personalities ...

About Anu Gupta

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, my practice is located in NW Austin and is called Hope Heals Therapy. I am originally from India, have lived in Austin for more than a decade now. I enjoy working with adults struggling with anxiety, adults with a people pleasing personality, and recovering from a relationship with a narcissist. My approach to healing is rooted in attachment, healing your inner child, mindfulness, meditation, integration between thinking, feeling, doing and nurturing and processing emotions through self compassion.

Did you love this talk about people pleasing personalities? Connect with her on social media over on Instagram and her website!

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Grab your free 15 minute consultation with Lahana if you find yourself struggling to feed your families healthy, hormonal imbalances, gut issues, and weight loss. Learn about what we can do for YOU!

Aug 21, 2018

We are super excited to have Ali Miller, RD on the podcast talking about one of our favorite topics - GUT HEALTH! And how that relates to anxiety. Who doesn't want to relieve anxiety naturally? You do not want to miss this episode, as we dive into the functional medicine route for anxiety.

No pill pushin' here! Here is what we're covering in today's episode...

  • How stress causes an imbalance in the body
  • Why common treatments are wrong for anxiety
  • What are inflammatory foods + the connection it has with anxiety
  • Mood stabilizing tips
  • How to know when and how to address anxiety
  • Her new book Anti-Anxiety Diet

About Ali Miller, RD

Ali’s Food-As-Medicine philosophy is supported by up to-date scientific research for a functional approach to healing the body. Ali’s expertise can be accessed through her website: offering a blog, podcasts, online learning, and access to her virtual practice. Integrative functional dietitian, author of Naturally Nourished: Food-as-Medicine for Optimal Health Cookbook (2016) and The Anti-Anxiety Diet (2018). Creator of Reset, Restore, Renew: Real Food Detox program, Optimal Eating virtual class, and interactive virtual Food-as-Medicine Ketosis program.

Don’t forget to purchase her book Anti-Anxiety Diet, so you can be on your way to relieving anxiety naturally.

Connect with Ali over on Facebook, Instagram, and her website!

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Aug 14, 2018

Struggling with always feeling guilty if you indulge in something you usually don't eat...something unhealthy? Tune in this week to kick your guilt to the curb, seriously. This is coming from the healthy living queen herself! ;)

Check out our food as medicine gut reset approach - if you struggle with gut issues, like IBS, Crohn's, Colitis, etc. You don't necessarily have to have a diagnosis for a gut issue - this is for anyone struggling with heartburn, bloating, excessive gas, etc. This is the reset that I use for my clients!

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Jul 31, 2018

In this episode, we're sitting down with Dr. Laura Belus about acne! Who likes those big red bumps?! I know I don't!

  • What is acne?
  • Who is more prone to acne?
  • Are topical practices important?
  • Favorite skincare?
  • Acne + gut health
  • Supplements for acne
  • Hormones + acne

About Laura Belus

Laura Belus is a naturopathic doctor practicing in Toronto, Canda. She specializes in hormone balance, healthy skin, and natural energy boosting! Connect with her over on Instagram and her website!

Connect with Lahana from Thrival Nutrition on Facebook, Instagram, + her website!

Jul 24, 2018

We're so excited to have Katie Farrell from Dashing Dish on our podcast this week! We're talking about kitchen GOODIES...we are covering...

  • Gluten free baking flours
  • Favorite kitchen appliances (things that make our life easier!)
  • Favorite MUST-HAVE ingredients
  • How to bring nourishment in the kitchen, even though you're busy!
  • Meal Planning Tips

About Katie Farrell

Katie Farrell is the author of Dashing Dish, a ministry and nutrition based business. Katie lives in Brighton with her high school sweetheart and husband of eight years, Sean, and their 12 month old daughter Madeline.

Being that Katie is a former registered nurse, she naturally has a passion for health. About six years ago she combined this passion with her desire to teach women their identity in Christ, and Dashing Dish was born!

Since starting Dashing Dish, Katie has had the opportunity to publish three books: The Dashing Dish Cookbook, Devotions for a Healthier You, and her most recent book, Nourish. She has been featured on Life Today, Fox and Friends, the 700 Club, and she also has her own cooking segment on Cornerstone Christian Television. Katie feels that it is her purpose in life is to inspire women to get fit and healthy for life, all while enjoying the journey!

Connect with Katie over on Facebook + Instagram + Twitter + her website!

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Jul 17, 2018

Are you ready to listen on this episode with Carly Johnson Brawner, a badass holistic nutritionist, who manages her hashimoto's with diet + lifestyle?! This a good episode, this is what we're covering today...

  • What lead Carly up to her diagnosis
  • How she manages her Hashimoto's with diet and lifestyle
  • Her five pillars of health
  • Why sleep and stress are so important for recovery
  • Favorite go-to foods with a busy lifestyle

About Carly Johnson Brawner

Carly Johnson Brawner is a functional nutrition coach and wellness enthusiast living in sunny Austin, TX. Frolic & Flow came to fruition through Carly’s experiences healing from autoimmunity with real food and targeted wellness practices. She currently works with others to help them optimize their overall health and learn the foundations of living in a state of balanced wellness.

Connect with Carly over on Instagram + her website

Connect with Lahana over on Facebook + Instagram + her website

Jul 10, 2018

In this episode with Dillon Humphries, we're talking all about overcoming a muscle plateau. We are covering...

  • Basic rules for building muscles
  • Why plateau's happen
  • How to break through a plateau
  • Nutrition + muscle building
  • Best way to keep track of gains
  • Time frame for gains
  • Rest days for building muscle

About Dillon Humphries

Dillon is based out of Orlando, Fl. He has a bachelor's degree in Exercise Physiology, Certified Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Boxing Instructor. He is also a medically retired marine.

Connect with Dillon over on Instagram!

Connect with Lahana from Thrival Nutrition over on Facebook, Instagram, and the blog!

Jul 3, 2018

*WARNING: Tears were shed during this episode.

This episode is SO powerful. So encouraging. A conversation that lifted me up in ways I needed reminding. In this episode, we're covering....

  • Jasmin's Personal Journey (It'll pull on your heart strings!)
  • Staying mindful + present during motherhood
  • What we can do on rough days
  • How not to get caught up in "mommy wars"
  • Raising good kids
  • Building a strong marriage during child rearing years

About Jasmin

Jasmin Terrany LMHC is a different kind of life coach. As a licensed psychotherapist with two master’s degrees from Columbia University, Jasmin invented Life Therapy™, a revolutionary method that combines Psychotherapy & Coaching + Mindfulness & Meditation.

In private practice since 2007, Jasmin helps professional women and mothers find success in their personal lives. Whether struggling with relationships, anxiety, confidence, body image, or parenting, Jasmin has practical tools to create extraordinary lives.

In addition to being a leader in her field, she is a published author, public speaker, world traveler and most importantly a Mom. Her passion project is her book “Extraordinary Mommy” inspired when her daughter was born on the first anniversary of her mother’s unexpected passing.

Connect with Jasmin over on her website + Facebook

Connect with Lahana from Thrival Nutrition on Facebook + Instagram + Website

Jun 26, 2018

How awesome is it to have Dr. Tassone back on the podcast this week! Are you a new listener to the podcast? Catch up our first interview together over on episode 65!

What we're covering on the podcast this week....

  • Most common hormone issues Dr. Tassone has seen
  • Why hormone imbalances are happening
  • What's included in your 7-day hormone reboot program?
  • How can women expect to feel
  • Top foods to help with hormone balance

Want to buy the 7 day hormone reboot online program? GET IT HERE!

Take Dr. Tassone's quiz to find out what's going on with your hormones!

About Dr. Tassone

Dr. Tassone is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology, and by the American Board of Integrative Medicine. He holds a medical degree, in addition to a PhD in mind-body medicine. In his 20 years of practice, Dr. Tassone has seen over 40,000 women and is a highly regarded patient advocate. As an integrative health practitioner, Dr. Tassone believes that you should have an active role in your care. His work includes studies and publications on spirituality in medical care, whole foods to heal the human body, and integrative medicine. Dr. Tassone is featured in many publications, including The New York Times, NBCNews Online and Stanford MedX.

Connect with him over on Facebook, Instagram, and his website!

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